AWS Backup & Recovery Management Tool

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AWS Backup & Recovery Management Tool

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Automate Backups & Retention

Create backup policies using custom scheduling for Amazon resources

Backup Redundancy

Protect your company and copy your backups to additional regions.

Easily restore from backup

Restore a volume to another machine with a single click and it automatically attaches as a root volume or a secondary volume, your choice

Create & Delete AWS Backups

*Endless policy configurations to customize your backup

*Schedule to backup as often or as little as you need

*Choose a policy on how to backup your volumes

*Applying that policy in bulk to multiple volumes

Backup to another AWS Region & AWS Account

*Copying to another region will allow you to recover your data if an entire region should be compromised

*Copying to another account allows you to prevent rogue employees or hackers from deleting every copy of your backups

Automated Restorations

*Easy to restore to another instance and mount it automatically

*Restore as a root volume

*Store it as a secondary volume to copy individual files over from a backup

Schedule: Start, Stop, Reboots

*Easily to schedule servers to start during business hours and stop after-hours to eliminate unnecessary AWS costs.

*Schedule a reboot after-hours to avoid impacting business

Backups Notifications

*Scheduled emails Notifications

*Scheduled Slack Notifications

*Scheduled Hipchat Notifications

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