AWS Backup & Recovery Management Tool

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AWS Backup & Recovery Management Tool

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Automate Backups & Retention

Create backup policies using custom scheduling for Amazon resources

Backup Redundancy

Protect your company and copy your backups to additional regions and even other AWS accounts

Easily restore from backup

Restore a volume to another machine with a single click and it automatically attaches as a root volume or a secondary volume, your choice

Create & Delete AWS Backups

*Endless policy configurations to customize your backup

*Schedule to backup as often or as little as you need

*Choose a policy on how to backup your volumes

*Applying that policy in bulk to multiple volumes

Backup to another AWS Region & AWS Account

*Copying to another region will allow you to recover your data if an entire region should be compromised

*Copying to another account allows you to prevent rogue employees or hackers from deleting every copy of your backups

Automated Restorations

*Easy to restore to another instance and mount it automatically

*Restore as a root volume

*Store it as a secondary volume to copy individual files over from a backup

Schedule: Start, Stop, Reboots

*Easily to schedule servers to start during business hours and stop after-hours to eliminate unnecessary AWS costs.

*Schedule a reboot after-hours to avoid impacting business

Backups Notifications

*Scheduled emails Notifications

*Scheduled Slack Notifications

*Scheduled Hipchat Notifications

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